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Summary of BPS payment rates for 2020

Summary of BPS payment rates for 2020

It has been announced this week that farmers are set to see a slight increase in their BPS payments this year. The Euro exchange rate is to remain the same as for 2019 and the usual Financial Discipline deduction, previously used to support an EU crisis fund, will not apply this year.

BPS payments are set in Euros and then converted into sterling. The BPS exchange rate for 2020 will be €1 = £0.89092, the same as 2019. This equates (in rounded figures) to an entitlement rate of £163 per ha and a greening rate of £70 per ha.

The physical greening requirement has been scrapped for 2021 claims, so no three-crop rule or Ecological Focus Areas (EFA) will be required. The associated payment rate however will be rolled into the entitlement rate value so the only deductions to be expected should be the proposed 5% reduction being the first year of seven, of BPS payments being phased out.

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