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Anna Jovanovic

Anna Jovanovic

Act now - don’t miss out on valuable hedgerow funding

If you are a farmer or other land manager, you could apply for a Hedgerows and Boundaries Grant to help restore existing farm boundaries, and bring environmental and landscape benefits to your land.

Posted on 16.04.2020
Severn Trent Environment Protection Scheme (STEPS) extended
What’s available? Severn Trent has once again opened its popular Severn Trent..
Posted on 10.02.2020
Countryside Stewardship Scheme - the here and now and what the future holds

The Countryside Stewardship Scheme is now open for 2019 with four new offers available.

Posted on 05.03.2019
Mid Tier events 2018: Countryside Stewardship

If you’re interested in applying for Mid Tier Countryside Stewardship this year, here’s a timetable listing free events taking place in the West Midlands...

Posted on 09.04.2018
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