Basic Payment Scheme

The Basic Payment Scheme provides farm businesses with a key income. It is important that your farm business submits a claim that is accurate and timely ensuring that you receive the full payment you are entitled to.

Gone are the days of a simple paper form, all BPS applications must now be completed and submitted online and we at Moule & Co as registered agents are able to assist you with all aspects of BPS from the initial registration of the land, through to the submission of the application and all that may go in-between.

To qualify for payments (which are based on farm size rather than stocking or cropping) farmers must:

  • Have eligible land at their disposal on the prescribed date in May of the scheme year
  • Hold payment entitlements
  • Meet the minimum claim size – 5 ha
  • Complete and submit BPS forms by a set deadline
  • Comply with Cross Compliance obligations
  • Please note that from 2021 the greening rules will no longer apply

The BPS scheme is coming to an end and payments will be gradually reduced each year from 2021 to 2027. There will be no BPS payment in 2028 and there is no direct replacement scheme. Any future schemes will be based around the theme of ‘Public Money for Public Goods’. We encourage all farmers to start to plan for the loss of BPS income now – call us if you would like to discuss this in more detail and keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for updates regarding future schemes.