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"Path to Sustainable Farming" - The HEADLINES

"Path to Sustainable Farming" - The HEADLINES

This week Defra have issued their policy guidance setting out the transition away from EU based rules, towards a UK system. It sets out the latest information on farming policy in England from 1 January 2021 and gives information to help farmers and those in the farming industry might need to get ready for the coming changes.

Key points to note are:


Importantly they have set out how BPS is going to be reduced over the next four years (no detail on post 2024 yet) - it is crucial farming businesses look at these reductions and plan for them.

In 2022 Defra will be seeking to introduce a lump sum payment as an exit scheme for retiring farmers, but no other detail on this known yet.

Cross Compliance will become less burdensome and penalising.


This is a new scheme where three tiers have been introduced.

1) Sustainable Farming Incentive - a menu of broad offer options available to most farms - maybe similar to the old ELS

2) Local Nature Recovery - more intensive management , most likely a whole farm plan. This will be paying for biodiversity, flood management, carbon storage, landscape heritage etc.

3) Landscape Recovery - much larger projects bringing together groups of farmers. Eg large scale woodland planting or peatland restoration


Defra are planning on introducing a new Livestock Information System replacing BCMS and ARAMS by the end of next year... (we will see!!)


They have set out two new grant schemes from 2021 onwards, focussed around animal health and welfare, farm productivity and environmental benefits (like resource protection)

View their booklet here for more information:




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